Roller Banners


All pull up banners measure 2000m high and come in four width sizes. Choose between 600mm, 850mm, 1000mm and 1200mm.


Premium Banner
2000mm x 850mm

The Premium is the most popular retractable banner because of its great price. It is ideal for short-term promotions. It is 2000mm high and has four standard widths: 600mm; 850mm; 1000; and 1200mm.


Budget Banner
2000mm x 800mm

The Budget is the most inexpensive retractable banner – os lightweight and is ideal for very short-term use. It is available is 2 sizes: 1500mm x 600mm; and 2000mm x 800mm.


Deluxe Banner
2150mm x 850mm

Printing Deals top-of-the range retractable banner is ideal for longer-term use with its substantial mechanism and sturdy base. It comes as both single-sided and double-sided, is 2150mm high and has three standard widths: 850mm; 1000mm; and 1200mm.
> Wider, heavier base has great indoor durability.
> To protect the banner further add both a UV and curl-resistant upgrade.

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